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    C-GM/GM-10 VGA 3,0M

    C-GM/GM-10 VGA 3,0M
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    VGA kabel 3,0M


    Kramer’s GM/GM and GM/GF computer graphics video cables are high−performance cables with molded 15−pin HD connectors on both ends. They are used for connecting computer graphics video signals between computers or video scalers and plasma, LCD or other popular display technologies.

    • Quality Construction High−resolution 26 gauge mini coax for video.
    • Easy Installation Pre−terminated with molded 15−pin HD connectors, gold plated pins and thumbscrews for easy connection.
    • Cable Specs See Kramer BC−3X2T7S for detailed cable specs.
    • Varied Selection of Lengths Available in 1 to 150ft versions (0.3 to 45.7m).

    Pris: 239 kr inkl moms



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